If you are looking for a specific wheel, Griplow can find it for you. Pricing is based on the rarity and size of the wheels.

Example: A set of 18×8 +38 Work VS-KF in A disk (standard brake clearance) will sell for a lot less than a set of 18×10 +12 Work VS-KF in R disk ( Big brake clearance). Be as descriptive as possible when submitting this form. 

Example of wheels we have imported: AC Schnitzer, ADVAN, Algernon, Amistad, Autostrada Modena, BBS, Blitz, Desmond, Enkei, Garson Racing, RUF, Hartge, Hoshino, K-Break, Koenig, Leon Hardiritt, OZ, Longchamp,Linea Sport, Monza, Panasport, Riverside, Nismo, SSR, Speedline, Sprint Hart, Stern, Traffic Star, Takechi, 326 Power, Veilside, Weds, Wise Sports, WORK, Zauber, and many more.

Please email with the wheel and lug pattern you are looking for, and you should recive a response within 24 hours.