If you are looking for a specific wheel, Griplow can find it for you. Pricing is based on the rarity and size of the wheels.

Example: A set of 18×8 +38 Work VS-KF in A disk (standard brake clearance) will sell for a lot less than a set of 18×10 +12 Work VS-KF in R disk ( Big brake clearance). Be as descriptive as possible when submitting this form. 

Example of wheels we have imported: AC Schnitzer, ADVAN, Algernon, Amistad, Autostrada Modena, BBS, Blitz, Desmond, Enkei, Garson Racing, RUF, Hartge, Hoshino, K-Break, Koenig, Leon Hardiritt, OZ, Longchamp,Linea Sport, Monza, Panasport, Riverside, Nismo, SSR, Speedline, Sprint Hart, Stern, Traffic Star, Takechi, 326 Power, Veilside, Weds, Wise Sports, WORK, Zauber, and many more.