Three Piece Wheel Builds

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Griplow will rebuild your 3 piece wheels using brand new, USA made, 6061 forged aluminum lips and barrels. All lips are cut and drilled for exact fitment.

A 50% deposit is required before lips and barrels are ordered. No refunds once lips are ordered! Build time is 7-21 days for lips and barrel replacement, and 30-60 days for major customization.

3 piece replacement lips: Pricing starts at $800 for true 3 piece 17,” 18,” and 19″ wheels, including BBS 15″ and 16″ lips.

Welded 3 piece rebuild: (Example: Work VS-KF, SSR Sp1, etc..) Pricing starts at $1100 to cut the welds and convert to true 3 piece on 4 wheels.

Upsize wheels: Convert your reverse lip wheels to step lip wheels, or change the offset of your current wheels. This includes replacing both the inner barrels and outer lips. This also gives you much more flexibility to choose the desired width and offset you want. Pricing starts at $1700 for 17″ and 18.” $1800 for 19.” Note: Additional machining costs may be required to step lip your wheels

Griplow can also assemble your wheels with lips you provide: $75 each


All lips and faces are professionally machine polished using only the best products and buffing equipment, for a mirror like shine. We use the same compounds used on Rolex watches!

Removable 3 piece lip (re-polish raw aluminum or chrome): $75 each

Removable 3 piece lip (remove powder coat or clear coating from lips): $100 each

Removable 3 piece face (includes removing clear coat and or color): $150-$180 each

Fix outer curb rash and polish: $75 each (does not include disassembling wheel or polishing the entire lip)

If your wheels are chrome plated and you want to remove it, you will need to pay for the cost of reverse plating. 1 and 2 piece wheels with non-removable lip or face, email with pictures for a quote.


Griplow can paint your wheels, lips or center caps using PPG paint with flex additive for maximum durability and longevity.

Email with pictures of what you need painted for a quote.


Griplow can bring your hazy or yellowing center caps back to life. Outer damage only. Caps with damage from the inside or badly cracked will need to be replaced.

Plastic caps: $20 each

Metal caps fully polished: $40 each

BBS metal hex cap and plastic cap: $50 each

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